This holiday park has a 12 month holiday licence.


All your expenses will be charged to your Personal Ribblesdale Park Account. You will be billed quarterly; this account must be settled by the 14th of the following month. Billings will be emailed where applicable or sent by post.


Lodge £3500 Subject to VAT + RPI Sept. The forthcoming year’s site fees will be charged from 1st January to your Ribblesdale Park Account. A late payment fee will be payable where site fees are not paid by 14th January. Further interest on any outstanding balances (to include site fees and other charges) will accrue after 30 days of the sums becoming due. An interest charge of 4% per month is added monthly to all accounts where there is an outstanding balance older than the one complete month. We reserve the right to alter the interest charges after giving two months’ notice to the owner.


The Company reserves the sole buying and/or selling rights on the Park. All sales and purchases of new or second hand Lodges must be conducted through the Company. Particular attention must be given to the legal requirement of your Lodge in that it must be capable of movement and any unit not complying with this regulation must be repaired, upgraded or removed from the Park. Only the number or nameplate (must be reasonable size) can be displayed in the windows or on the exterior of your Lodge.


Lodges on the park are accommodated entirely at the Owner’s risk. The Company will not be responsible for any loss, damage, theft or mishap, unless caused by negligence on the part of the Company, its authorised agents or employees. No Lodge shall be used for sleeping a number greater than that for which it was designed. The lodges are not to be used as a permanent residence.


The maintenance and cleanliness of the ground area on the door side of each Lodge is the responsibility of the Lodge Owner. No structure of fence or similar may be added or erected adjacent to the Lodge without the prior written agreement of the Company. Any storage box (shed) must be supplied by the Company. No walls or other fence-like structures may be erected around the Lodge, and any patios/verandas (decking) must also be supplied and constructed by the Company (and must not protrude more than 2 meters from the side of the Lodge). Any trees, shrubs, plants etc must also be approved by the Company before installation. For the avoidance of doubt, the Company must approve any enhancement but approval will not be unreasonably withheld.


All siting and removal of Lodges from any pitch, and connections and/or disconnections of all services, must be carried out by the Company or its agent(s).


No lodge owner my initiate any work in their lodge without written permission from Ribblesdale Park. All contractors must report to Reception prior to doing any work. No lodge owner can pay Ribblesdale Park staff directly for work. All transactions must be conducted through Ribblesdale Park and you will be billed accordingly on your account.


The speed limit on the park is 8mph and applies to all vehicles, who must always give way to pedestrians. No lorries, vans, camper-vans, trailers, boats or commercial vehicles are allowed on the park except with prior written agreement with the Company, and recording of their registration plates. The use of such vehicles is for access use only (and will be clearly stated in the written agreement), and agreement will be withdrawn if the use of such vehicles causes an obstruction or nuisance to the park or other lodge owners. No trailers (or similar), boats, or jet-skis are allowed on the Park and may not be parked adjacent to your Lodge even for short periods.

Motor vehicle repairs may not be carried out on the Park but a recognised breakdown service may attend in the event of a breakdown. Only vehicles which are taxed and insured for use on a public road are allowed on the Park, and we will remove any disused or broken down vehicles. You are not permitted to give driving lessons on the Park. Washing cars with a hosepipe is not permitted. Only 2 car park spaces are guaranteed next to each Lodge. Vehicles must not be parked on a roadside or anywhere that is likely to cause an obstruction. All motor vehicles are used and left on the Park at the owner’s risk.

All visitors must report to Reception and obtain our permission before entering the Park. The Park is private property and we reserve the right to refuse anyone other than you, and those lawfully staying with your permission, to enter the Park. We do not permit traders or salesmen across the Park except with our prior consent. You are responsible for all occupiers of your Lodge. KEYS The company must be supplied with at least one set of keys for each Lodge, except where the unit is used for hire purposes, in which case there must be two sets of keys supplies.
No owner is permitted to conduct a business either from their Lodge or the Park.
You are not entitled to cut trees or hedges on the Park, (if you find any tree or hedge a nuisance or unsatisfactory, please inform the Company) nor are you allowed to dig any hole(s) in the ground unless written permission has been obtained from the Company.
No washing lines are permitted on the Park.
No tents are permitted on the Park.
Please respect the privacy of other Owners and Park users, keeping noise to a minimum. Musical instruments, stereos and radios are not allowed to be played above an acceptable level after 10.00pm. Persistent anti social behaviour will levee a financial penalty currently £50+vat. This may increase.
All occupiers of Lodges must have due regard to the comfort and convenience of others and any disturbance or other action which is deemed to be a nuisance will not be tolerated by the Company. The use of unlawful drugs on the Park is a criminal offence and will lead to immediate termination of your licence agreement. Alcoholic drinks may only be consumed around the immediate vicinity of your Lodge or in the on-site café. Fireworks and firearms are not permitted on the park. Fire hoses may not be used for any improper purpose such as washing cars etc.
The Company also reserves the right to terminate your licence agreement as a result of any act of vandalism, criminal activity, other undesirable acts of behaviour, and any activity which constitutes being a nuisance to other Owners or holidaymakers. We are entitled to eject from the Park anyone who acts in a manner likely to upset or annoy other users of the Park or our staff or who is guilty of a criminal offence.
Are permitted but only of the types that are above ground level. Any disposable barbecues must be placed on a surface that will not burn or leave marks (they must not be placed directly on verandas or grass).
You must have your Lodge tested annually by the Company (the charges for which will be notified annually when the invoice for your site fees is issued). You must ensure that at least one dry powder fire extinguisher is fitted inside your Lodge (failure to comply and ensure that the extinguisher is serviced annually may render any insurance cover invalid). You must not attempt to carry out work relating to gas or electric installation(s). Do not introduce any foreign items into the drainage system including cleaning cloths, nappies, sanitary towels, condoms, cooking fat, engine oil, grease or paint. The Company accepts no liability for water damage caused by burst pipes or installations when the park supply is reconnected at the start of a season, unless the drain down and reconnection have both been carried out by the Company. If you experience any problems with your systems, contact the Company immediately. The Company reserves the right to enter any Lodge to carry out urgent repairs or inspections as required.
All pets must have individual written consent before being allowed on the park, such permission may be withdrawn if the animal is a nuisance or, if in the opinion of the Company, is likely to endanger other park users. Only one dog is allowed in each unit (unless prior written consent is given by the Company). Certain dogs are not allowed on the Park, including American Pit Bull Terrier, Fuila Brasilerio, Japanese Tosa and Dog Argentino. All dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times and are not allowed to wander or be exercised on the park. You must clean up immediately if the animal defecates on the Park, (using appropriate bag or poop scoop and disposed of in the appointed bin area). Failure to do so will be considered a serious breach of your licence agreement.
The Park address should not be used for deliveries of post. Post can be collected from the Park Office.
Are the responsibilities of their parents or guardians at all times, and are to be supervised at all times so that they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or others. Children may not ride toys or other similar items so as to cause a nuisance or undue noise.
No ball games are allowed anywhere on the Park. No skateboard, roller-skate, rollerblade or micro scooters are allowed to be used on the Park. A separate area will be set aside for recreational use as the development and general upgrading of the Park takes place.
Your Lodge must have adequate insurance cover. The Company provides suitable cover and details are available from Reception. Where insurance is not arranged via the Company, the Company may require you to produce proof of current and valid insurance for your Lodge. The charge for checking that insurance is valid, current and adequate is £25.00.
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